“We switched to CSD several years ago and it has enabled us to exponentially grow our business. Since we sell several structural options for customers, we were drawing the same job at least twice to only get 1 order. Now we can offer 4 distinct joist options or 3 distinct beam/girder options and only have to draw 1 plan and switch out the options. Thanks to CSD, we can offer more solutions to our customers in a very reasonable time frame.
We are so impressed with CSD’s willingness to improve the functionality as demand dictates. And even our customers who have chosen to utilize the software find the GUI very easy to use.
CSD’s customer service, in my opinion, is fantastic! Very professional and responsive treating my team and my customers like we are their only account. I would highly recommend CSD to any wholesaler who is looking to grow their business.”

Bill Sweeney, Coastal Forest Products